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Product Name:Indigo low stretch yarn brushed twill
Product Name:Black low stretch yarn environmental black twill
Product Name:Three-section environmental black twill
Product Name:Indigo low stretch yarn twill
Product Name:Indigo sweatshirts
Product Name:Indigo low stretch yarn brushed big looped pile
Product Name:Indigo slub low stretch yarn brushed big looped pile
Product Name:Indigo brushed big looped pile
Product Name:Indigo slub color-stripes single jersey
The perfect combination of denim and knitted fabrics
Both soft, skin-friendly, breathable, Simiandan characteristics, but also has moisture wicking, warm, deodorant and other functional features, without losing the traditional cowboy wild, uninhibited style.
By product category:Indigo twill  Indigo jersey    Indigo brushed
By Product Material:Indigo pure cotton Sulfur black yarn 
By Product Performance:Warmth retention Cool Special functions 
Experience in the production of knitted denim fabric
Focus on providing high-end pants, boy pants, trousers products and services provider
Founded in 2009, R & D center, and the formation of a high-quality, highly skilled R & D team, and actively cooperate with the "provincial and municipal scientific research institutes.
2005 passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification
New prospects
Companies with functional new product research and development and manufacturing capabilities
HYBRID brand of dual-energy technology, knitting and woven the advantages of both the combination, to create both with the comfort of knitted fabrics and flexibility, but also both woven fabrics excellent shape of the best denim fabric.
The company has two products through provincial identification of acceptance of new products, the products are knitting company Turandot optional subjects, independent research and development products.
The company has three new products are declared national patents.
Perfect quality guarantee
Quality and attention to detail from the roots intentions, quality achievements in the future
Cotton selection of US cotton, Australian cotton, Cotton, with Germany thanks to good equipment yarn.
United States Morrison ball after dyeing machine.
German circular knitting fabric production.
Germany Monforts finishing stereotypes stereotypes.
Former fabric factory, after three quality inspection, after passing the factory completely, fabric inspection and issued the report.

Jiangsu Landuo Knitting Garment Co., Ltd. -- the best quality manufacturer of the knitted denim fabric, we are founded at 2002 and we are the professional manufacturer, research and development factory and trader. We have passed the ISO 9000 quality system certification on 2005. Since its inception, our company has received "Private Technology Firms in Jiangsu Province", "High-tech Enterprises in Yancheng City" and other honors.
Knitted denim fabric--it is the perfect combination for knitted fabric and denim fabric,not only have the normal attributes for softness, comfortable touch, breathability, good bi-stretch and added, but also have more functional attributes for moisture management...

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